Saturday, December 18, 2010

Florida Keys

Tortillaville is very happy to announce that on January 1, 2011 or 1/1/11 we are to open our Florida Keys location at Sea Center on Big Pine Key, a.k.a. mm 29.5. Everything is complete and the licenses are issued. After an exhaustive effort to overcome the red tape odds of Monroe County, and become a legitimate business, we can proudly say, “yes we did”, and celebrate. This, being the year of the ones, we can also celebrate that Tortillaville is currently the only existing licensed food trailer in the Lower Keys outside of Key West.

So, the new year will tie Tortillaville, Big Pine Key with our Hudson, NY location as a sister island city of sorts. Hudson people can feel a sense of pride when they make a pilgrimage to Big Pine Key for their long awaited Tortillaville taco or burrito. And, Keys folks can do the same when they visit Hudson, NY during the Summer months. Either way, we’ll be sure to make it special and worthwhile.

We’re excited about the new year, and we only hope that the FL Keys likes us as much as Hudson, NY does. For our home, is where Tortillaville is. And, we love being an important part of the community.

Happy holidays everyone!
Be good, do something different, fight the odds.

Brian and Allison

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