Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tortillaville Is Celebrating Five Years (and a book)

How time flies. Tortillaville is celebrating Five Years in Hudson, (and a book) this 2013 season. And, we can't wait! Who would have thought, what started out as a Plan B, is still going strong? And, we are still having fun. Sure, the recipes will be played with, and our menu selection will change, if only a little, but that is what a healthy and happy food truck does. The important thing is – we made it to 5 years! And, if that were not enough, we have a book to help bring in this momentous occasion, Food Truck 411: The Essential Information To Run A Successful Food Truck(Eat Words Publishing). BTW is well worth check out. So, we have decided to open five days per week, rather than just weekends.Our official opening day is May 17, 2013 at 11AM. There are parades, events, and weddings to feed. There are the locals too, some of whom are forever memorialized in the book. Food Truck 411 is a book for the budding food truck entrepreneur, but it is a photo book too, a wonderful cook book, and a first hand account of life – inside the box. It is also the first comprehensive food truck book written by a food truck cook. In true teamwork fashion; Brian wrote and photographed the book. And, Allison designed the cover, interior layout, and cook book section. Allison also designed the website and facebook page for the book. Food Truck 411, will be available at the Tortillaville food truck, and on Amazon. This much, we know. Our winter in the Fl Keys has worked wonders yet again. It is the right antidote to be sure. We are rested, tanned, and ready. We are ready to roll as many burritos as it takes to make up for lost wages. As Hudson looks forward to another wonderful Summer, so too do we. We look forward to seeing everyone, working hard, selling books, supporting causes, offering mentorships, and hiring staff. So, get ready people. We're coming back, and at 5 years old, we're looking to have some fun!