Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We've Extended Our Season

Tortillaville has extended its season to November 14 except for the weekend of October 22, 23 when they will be closed to attend weddings. Other news is that "winter stash" frozen burrito orders have topped 100. ORDER YOURS NOW! The Tortilla Villa a.k.a the travel trailer guest suite on Brian and Allison's Big Pine Key property in the FL Keys is available for sun seeking vacationers; $55 for one and $75 for two. Go to www.8palms.net to see photos. Meanwhile, their Catskill home www.49greenestreet.com is for rent Dec - Mar. And, if that weren't enough, Tortillaville is looking to expand, and is seeking licensees for both stand and cafe business opportunities. Gossip has it that they hope to dot the Hudson Valley with several healthy, affordable, delicious fast food cafes. This, all from the little taco stand that could.