Friday, April 29, 2011

The Best of Both Worlds

Our dream of bringing Tortillaville to the FL Keys has been realized. That is to say, ... we did it. But, Hudson, NY is still our main home base for Tortillaville. It is where we call home, and earn a hard fought living ~ while having fun.

The FL Keys is where we call home and try to break even. But, if done right, you don't break even in the Keys. It is just too darn beautiful here. It's a win / win no matter what. It amazes us to see that many of the locals in the Lower Keys work five and six days a week to get by, and sometimes with two and three jobs. It's even even more amazing to hear of those who rarely get out on the water. I mean, we understand with the economy and inequality and all, we just wish that they, the locals, could enjoy more of the beauty.

We need to do more too, as it's been much about work; Tortillaville and home improvements up to this point. But, we get out often enough, and we look forward to exploring more in the coming years.

Given the opportunity, the Keys is all about; the water and birds (flora and fauna) and snorkeling and swimming and fishing and kayaking and discovery and history. It's a place to recharge, and learn, and work, and work out (a little) and play a lot. That is why we only work two to three days a week, January through March.

But, it is also a place where we've worked tirelessly to make our humble property as comfortable as possible. It might only be a trailer with another little trailer as a guest house, but it is one sweet spot. Whoever thought that a 50' x 100' lot could be made so efficient? We are compounding it in too, and nearly complete for privacy, so to keep our outdoor life; tables, hammock, outdoor shower, boat and parking spaces all to ourselves. It is humble, but it is home away from home every November through April.

It's been hard to break-in as a business here in the Keys, and harder when you only work two or three days a week for a few months. It would be easier to establish ourselves working full-time / year round, but that is not our intention here. And, that's why our Hudson business is so important to us, and why we especially appreciate our customer support. So, thank you in advance, We'll always do our best to deserve your visit time and again. And, we like to think that our seasonal status in Hudson makes Tortillaville that much more special.

Speaking of which, it is time that we head back north once again. We are looking forward to an extended work week and extended hours Thursday - Monday 11:30AM - 7:30PM for Hudson Summer of 2011. Opening day, weather permitting, is May 21st. We want to have lots of fun and serve only great food. We truly look forward to seeing everyone. Four months goes fast, so please visit us often. There promises to be good times and great food.

Be sure to visit our new website too, if you're not already there, at And, check out our store products. Have a wonderful Summer 2011. After this past Winter and Spring, you deserve it.

Now, not to speed things up too much mind you, but when Winter plans do roll around again, please keep in mind that Tortillaville has a very comfortable FL Keys guest trailer for only $55 per night for individuals and $65 for couples, (tax included) maximum five night stay. Enjoy the grounds, bbq, use the outdoor shower, bike, visit a local restaurant or bar, write your novel, do laundry, go online, come and go as you like, relax. This is not a B&B. You're on your own here.

You can fly into Key West from Miami, or get a cheap one-week car rental in Miami and drive. It's a 3-hour drive from Miami to Big Pine Key. The guest trailer is available for customers and non-customers alike, and even complete strangers from wherever, every January - March. We especially love people from wherever. Your quarters promise to be;  very clean, very cozy, very quiet, and include; a private stand-alone trailer, a double bed bedroom, AC, a 3/4 bath, linens and towels, an office area, wifi, laundry, 2 bicycles and kind hosts. Sorry, no pets, as we have two dogs.

Consider it an open invite, and please spread the word. One of Americas best beaches, Bahia Honda, is just a few miles away and Key West is just 30 miles away. There is no shortage of things to do. Kayak, bike, snorkel, swim, take in a day of Key West, dive the reef, see live music, shop, sail, sunbathe, go out on a schooner, bird, fish, dine, chill.

Back on Big Pine Key, key deer and iguana wander about openly. Ibis, egret and heron abound. Porpoise and sea turtles are here too. This is the tropics! Or, as close as it gets to the U.S. anyway. In any case, it's the best of both worlds for us, and we're confident that you will love it too.

On another topic: we are bringing our very special Key Lime Pie recipe back with us, as well as some other great menu additions.

Thanks for keeping in touch, and please take time to visit us in Hudson, NY. Upstate's Now town.