Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Opening Weekend

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What can you say about opening on Memorial Day weekend? Very intense comes to mind. But, very rewarding too. It's great to see familiar faces and satisfied customers. My only worry when it gets so busy is that quality is compromised. I know that I burned a few burritos, and I apologize for it. Let me know and I'll make it right, because I only want satisfied customers. The weekend was our busiest to date. The line was long and seemingly endless. We went through 70 lbs of chicken, 80 lbs of meat, 22 lbs of fish, 16 lbs of shrimp and approximately 900 (taco and burrito) tortillas in just three days. By the time Monday rolled around, we didn't have enough supplies to open. But, we were tired too, like crash out on the floor tired, so a good excuse to rest. Is this what we should expect for future weekends? I imagine not, but Hudson seems busier than I remember, so perhaps a banner season is in the making. I only wish that we could be open seven days a week. And, I am looking into that possibility as I try to line up some reliable taco and burrito makers to help make it happen. Are you the next Tortillaville taco and burrito maker? We will only allow five hour shifts per team, which will include prep and open hours. Allison and I can do three days on our own, but we'd like to find four other people to share the other four days in shifts of; 9AM to 2:30PM and 2:30PM to 8PM. That's the idea anyway. Seasonal businesses like ours should be ope everyday Memorial Day thru Labor Day (if possible). So, if you think you have what it takes, please contact us.